Health Cover and Healthcare in Australia

You will need Health Cover (OSCH) as part of your Visa requirements and we suggest that you look at the following options:

We recommend BUPA Cover for Students and Temporary Graduates with Families.  BUPA may be the right option for you if you are including your family in Visa.  They have policies that cover the health needs of Students and Temporary Graduates and their families.  There are some waiting period applying for certain types of pre-existing medical conditions or other documented types of illness or procedure so make sure you are aware of what you are covered for and what the exceptions are.

We recommend NIB for Student and Temporary Graduate without families in Australia.  NIB offers cover that is affordable and necessary and have easy to purchase cover for Students and Temporary Graduates. Ensure that you are aware of what you are being covered for and what are exempt from cover.  As with all healthcare insurance some waiting periods apply for certain types of illness and procedures.

What to do if you need to access Healthcare in Australia

If it is not an emergency:

  • Locate your nearest doctor
  • Ring them and book an appointment.
  • Leave enough time before your appointment to fill in any necessary paperwork and forms.
  • Your Doctor will advise you of any treatment or specialist needs you require.

If it is an emergency:

  • Ring 000 immediately and speak to an emergency services operator
  • Tell the operator what the issue is
  • Tell the operator where you or the patient is located, address, suburb etc. clearly.
  • Follow ALL the instruction of the operator.