Student Visa Extension

Student Visa Extensions
There are a number of reasons why you may need a Student visa Extension.  It may be the course you are doing is extending and your visa will expire before the course end date. Another example is that you may be taking a new course, or you may need to extend a research application. Once you know that you will be needing a new visa or a bridging visa you need to start the process as soon as possible.  In most cases you need to have at least 3 months for the process.  You will need to get your documentation organised before proceeding with the application. We can guide you through the complex processes to make certain that you have all you need to proceed with your student visa extension.  Below are some helpful pointers and general information.

Proof of Enrolment
There is a lot of important information you will need to collate to get the process started. One of the first things is you will need proof of your enrolment in the course.  This is provided by your educational course provider and documents your place in the course and that the fees for the course have been paid. You should receive this letter Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) after you have enrolled.  If you have any doubts or are unsure of whether the information you have is correct, we can assist you in obtaining the correct paperwork.  

Health Cover & Medical Exam
Your Student visa extension will require you to provide proof that you have ongoing or existing OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover).  You may need to contact your health provider and get an extension for your existing policy.  You may be required to undergo a medical exam to determine your health status.  This may not be required if you have undergone a recent medical exam and have documented results done by an approved medical practitioner.  We have healthcare providers who offer health insurance specifically for International students. We can support you through this process and confirm that the Health Cover you have is up to date and appropriate for your visa. 

Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement
You are also required to write a Genuine Temporary Entrant statement.  All students applying for this visa must state why they are coming on a temporary basis to Australia in order to gain their qualification. This statement has a number of prerequisites which must be included. They cover a range of areas of the applicant’s life including studies, community, finances etc.   Below is some of the information to be included:

  • Previous Study
  • Any gaps in study
  • Current employment
  • Previous Employment
  • Community/Country Ties
  • Economic Status

Genuine Student
There are a number of considerations as to whether you are a genuine student. Some of the areas where you may be deemed as a “non-genuine student” can be:

  • If it appears that you are not here to fulfil your primary intention and are not undertaking study.
  • You are not attending the required courses.
  • There are lengthy periods without studying.
  • You are unaware of your educational provider or are unaware of the location of your educational provider.    
  • There is evidence of false statements made by the student to their educational provider, for example taking time off for the death or illness of a family member that is proven to be untrue.
  • The student has taken time off from study due to illness and when fit enough to resume their studies have failed to do so.

Financial Capacity
As part of the Student visa process, you need to provide proof of financial capacity; the amounts required vary depending on whether you are single or have family with you and the time in which you are undertaking your studies.  Some of the documents you will need to provide this proof are bank statements, history of deposits, loans, expenses etc. This proof may also include information provided by your spouse or parent if they are providing you with financial assistance. When providing this information ensure that it shows the capacity for the full amount of time that you will be studying. The financial capacity proof part of the application can prove to be distressing and overwhelming for some students as there is a lot of information required. We can guide you through the structure to make sure you have the right information; we can also help you get all pertinent information together, so the process is as comfortable as possible. 

As with all applications ensure that your identification is up to date and in the prescribed format.  Your identification will mainly comprise of passport, birth certificate, ID card, CV and any other relevant information in line with your previous application.  If you are unsure of what information you require our team is ready to help with all your questions. 

We understand that moving away from home and studying in another country can be very daunting and can potentially lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.  This can impact your ability to study in a productive manner.  We have helped many, many students over the years get back on their study path.  We are there with help, understanding and practical solutions.  Call us to discuss the issues you are facing and together we can map out a resolution to these non-compliance issues and get you back on your chosen path.

Let us help you
If you have any questions or are concerned as to your rights and obligations, call us.  We can answer your questions and help make the entire process smooth and as stress free as possible. When in doubt always ask an expert.