Study in Regional Area

As a student looking at the options of Study in a Regional Area you may find it surprising to know that the majority of Australia cities/regions in Australia are now considered to be Regional Study Areas.  This gives many more options and an extensive range of towns and cities in which to study, making a very attractive offer to overseas students.  For example, all areas outside Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are considered regional. This gives Capital cities such as Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, and Darwin regional status even though they are capital cities in their state. There are also areas such as the Gold Coast, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie and Wollongong/Illawarra all of which are major student centres.  The system of ascertaining which was a regional area was streamlined by the Australian government to a simple system of three categories:

  • Major Cities
  • Cities and Major Regional Centres
  • Regional Areas and Other Regional Centres

What are the benefits of studying in Regional Areas?
The Australia government is making it easier for students to study in regional areas to lessen the burden of overcrowding and the ever-growing population in major cities. As a student you can access some of the most liveable cities in the world in which to study.  There is also a shortage of skilled workers in regional areas and the Australian government is doing more to assist these areas access skilled workers.  Studying in these areas may also help with any future application for other visas such a Graduate Visa.

One of the major benefits in regional areas may be the financial burden of study is lessened. The lifestyle factors can be a huge benefit, for example the accommodation and general cost of living may also be cheaper in regional areas. Studying in Regional Areas may suit you better as these areas can have a more laidback lifestyle than the major cities and an easier pace of life.

Let us help you
There are so many options and choices to explore. Is a Regional Area a good choice for you?  We can help by talking through all the options, guiding you on your pathway. We can help set up your long-term career plans and short-term study goals.  We are experienced and appreciate the lifestyle and culture and can help you find where you will fit best to get you on the right pathway.