Courses in Demand

There are many courses to choose from and knowing which one is right for your career path and goals can be a challenge.  To simplify the search, we have listed the Courses in Demand.   

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Training

  • installation and repair
  • industrial and commercial
  • domestic
  • air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
  • Maintenance of equipment

Bricklaying and Stonemasonry

  • work with clay bricks, concrete blocks
  • learn about mortar, lime, cement & sand
  • building and construction
  • constructing arches
  • stone monuments & fireplaces
  • also work with marble.

Social Work
Social work can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. You can work with families, individuals, groups and youth, you can also study Aboriginal engagement.   This occupation is an in-demand skillset and qualified graduates are needed to help fill positions vacant by the skillset shortage.  You can choose from Bachelor or Master level courses and these can be from 2 to four years study depending on your prior qualifications. Studying in this field can have a positive and strategic benefit when looking at permanent residency.  

Teaching can be a vocation to some and a gratifying career path for others.  The courses you can study can be at a Bachelor level or a Masters level. This is another in-demand occupation and studying to be an Early Childhood Teacher, Primary School Teacher, Middle School Teacher or Secondary School Teacher, could be beneficial as some of these may be listed on the Skilled Shortage List (MLTSSL).  Studying in this field may equip you with the skills needed that could lead to permanent residency.

Trade Courses
There are many and varied jobs under the banner of Trade Courses and many of these are in high demand in Australia. These occupations can be high paying and may be found in most areas of Australia. The benefits are you have a large range of choices when it comes to where to study.  Some of the trade courses you can undertake are Automotive Mechanic, Automotive Electrician, Airconditioning & Refrigeration, Bricklaying, Electrical Engineering Technician, Engineering Fabrication, Joinery, Plumbing and many more.  If you have a wish to work with your hands and want to study in Australia, talk to us about which courses will satisfy your career requirements.

There is always a high demand for qualified nurses in Australia.  An ageing population has increased demand for aged care qualified nurses of all types. The courses offered can lead to a rewarding and always in demand career pathway. As a student you can study a Diploma of Nursing or a Bachelor of Nursing. These courses are from 18 months to 4 years and can qualify you as a nurse practitioner, aged care registered nurse or surgical nurse.  To start your career path, talk to us and let us guide you to the career and lifestyle you want.   

There are many types of engineering courses for example mechanical, civil, structural engineers and others which can be studied at various locations around Australia.  Engineers are one of the most sort after qualifications in Australia and are highly paid and always in demand. The course duration can be from 2 – 4 years.  A qualification in this field can lead to Permanent Residency and ultimately citizenship. We can assist you in your chosen field of study by discussing your prospects, options and career path goals.     

Community welfare
A Diploma of Community Welfare can lead to a career path working in the areas of mental health, alcohol and drug issues. It can teach you how to intervene, safeguard and identify those at risk. One of the many occupations this qualification can lead to are a Community Support worker, a Family Support Worker, Client Services Assessor to name a few. If this sounds like the profession which you would like to pursue, talk to us about your options.  Let us help you make your career pathway smooth and your ultimate goals of living, working and studying in Australia.

Information Technology
In some areas in Australia there are skill shortages and jobs cannot be filled by residents and these skillsets are required from overseas applicants.  One of the key areas is in the Information Technology fields.  All fields of study from ICT Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Data Scientists  and Cyber Security  are in demand.  To undertake study in these fields would give an increased chance of success with a career pathway leading to residency in Australia.  There are many course options and many educational providers for Information Technology study in Australia.  Talk to us and we can discuss all your options.