Darwin is a tropical paradise on the edge of the Timor Sea. Surrounded by white sand beaches and warm tropical waters it is a jewel in the Northern Territory’s crown.  The weather is sultry and typical tropical weather, hot and humid with tropical storms and the cleansing rains of the “big wet”.  Tourists flock to Darwin as it still maintains strong ties to the traditional aboriginal culture and way of life.  Many stories of the dreamtime can be heard told by the first people. There is a strong military presence in Darwin due to the Military base, so it has a safe and protected feel. It is cheaper than the major cities which makes it an appealing place to study for a lot of students.  It is also closer to Asia making flights home  shorter and cheaper than other Capital cities.  Darwin presents a very unique studying experience for overseas students as there are lots of opportunities for study, advancement and state sponsorship.  Sponsorship is a key to many students choosing Darwin as a place of study, there is a skill shortage, making it  very good for those wanting to gain permanent residency. 

Population – 154,280

Weather & Temperature

  • December is the hottest month in Darwin with an average temperature of 29.5°C (85°F) and the coldest is July at 24°C. Darwin has two distinct seasons, the ‘wet’ and the ‘dry’.
  • The wet season (November – April) 24.7 – 32 °C
  • The dry season (May – October) 21.6– 31.8°C

Main tourist attractions
Following are the 14 main tourist attractions in Darwin

  • Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
  • Mindil Beach Sunset Market
  • Stokes Hill Wharf (Darwin Wharf Precinct)
  • Sunset Dinner Cruise
  • Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River
  • Defence of Darwin Experience
  • Mary River Wetlands Cruise
  • Crocosaurus Cove
  • Day Trip to the Tiwi Islands
  • George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens
  • Darwin Aviation Museum
  • Chinese Temple & Museum Chung Wah
  • Territory Wildlife Park
  • Aquascene

Average house price
Median house price is $488,000

Average rental cost – $458  a week

Average overseas student rental/accommodation cost
$100 to $458 as week

Areas/suburbs in which students and overseas students would live

  • Casuarina,
  • Nakara,
  • Tiwi,
  • Nightcliff
  • Rapid Creek

Potential part time work for overseas students

  • Wait Staff
  • Babysitting
  • Retail Staff
  • Bar Staff

What sports are played in Darwin?

  • Aussie Rules,
  • Soccer,
  • Netball,
  • Hockey,
  • Rugby,
  • BMX
  • Basketball