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Degree Programs

Australia offer wide range of study options to international students. There are various study levels and subject areas to choose perform. Depending upon the education qualifications, interests and eligibility criterion, international students can choose from thousands of courses on offer. International Students come to Australia for School and tertiary education.

Tertiary education includes higher education offered by colleges and universities in addition to vocational education. Following are some of the popular subject areas chosen by international students.

English Language programs

There are various English courses available to study. Some of them are aimed at students who fell short of meeting their English eligibility requirements for particular course. Many students from non-English speaking countries come to study English in Australia. English is official language in Australia, so ESOL speakers can have broader knowledge of English as a language.

Management and Commerce

There are many interest areas which come under above broad subject field. These include accounting, business and management, sales and marketing. This has been broadest field in which more than half of international students showed interest in. This trend is seen both higher education and VET sector.

Information technology and Computer Science

These programs are designed to give newcomer and IT graduates seeking to gain, extend and update their knowledge in information technology and computing. Students can choose to study VET of higher education courses. This study can give career outcomes of software programmer, data analyst, computer engineer and software architect etc.


There many reputed universities which have big law schools. Many group eight universities in Australia impart higher education and research opportunity in law. Law schools in general need applicants to have good English language skills. Sometimes, work experience can take place of formal education. Most of law courses focus on teaching some key subject areas like value of law, fundamental legal procedures, legal research and writing etc. to practice law in Australia, one need to have law degree. Graduates may need additional experience requirements as well.


All Engineering schools are regulated by Engineers Australia. This governing body looks after establishing and maintaining standards of engineering. This is the reason that Engineering Australia accredits education providers which have highest level of content, facilities and teaching staff. It insures that highly skilled graduates pass from these educational institutions. Engineering courses are offered at VET and higher education level.


There are many course options available in nursing as well. There are courses designed for beginners who can start from VET to nursing graduates looking to advance in their career. There are strict requirements for international nurses who want to register in Australia. There are courses designed for international nurses as well. On job training is an extensive part of nursing studies in Australia, so graduates can be expected to have extensive experience of working in health care setting. Applicants and graduates are required to have very English language skills to be able to work as nurse.


This course can be divided into three categories, as per the field of study, namely commercial cookery, patisserie and management. Commercial cookery is for qualified cooks who wish to enhance their skills in kitchen management and practical cookery. Patisserie is for those who are seeking employment as pastry chef. The management course is aimed at those who wish to join the hospitality industry as senior manager. Australia has seen huge influx of international students who want to study in this area. Being a popular country amongst tourist from all over the world, students can gain practical experience in the form of apprenticeship and jobs.s

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